Our Story

Who Are We?
Q&R Box Gardens was started by two brothers (Quintin & Rhett Jorgensen) who have a passion for woodworking and using power tools. They were looking for a way to help finance their college educations.  After building box gardens for their home in New Harmony, they discovered a large interest in tall box gardens--bringing gardening a little closer to the gardener--and decided to market their product.
They pride themselves on the beauty and quality of the boxes they sell. Standing at 28-inches high, these boxes make gardening easier for everyone. The redwood is naturally weather-resistant, bug-repellent, and long-lasting. These garden boxes are meticulously built by hand and and built to order. Each garden box has its own unique character due to the diversity of each redwood board.
Q&R Box Gardens has continued to grow at an amazing rate. Two workshops are now operational with a third in the works. Nation-wide shipping is already underway so that anyone across the country can enjoy the beauty and dimension Q&R boxes add to any landscape.  We would love to be a part of your garden this year!

Rhett Jorgensen

Quintin Jorgensen

We are currently taking orders for 2022 for all previous customers. 

On December 15th, we will also allow new customers to get on the schedule for 2022.

For questions or to place an order, call 435-292-4999 or email: info@qrboxgardens.com.