Introducing Garden Box Babies

All baby boxes are the same sturdy construction as our large garden boxes:  Redwood and corrugated steel.  They also have a 6ml plastic liner inside and a redwood bottom.  Perfect for holding several small potted plants, growing seedlings, or even a small herb garden.  GREAT GIFT idea for your favorite gardener!

Big Baby Stats:

Length: 14.75"
Width:  14.75"
Height: 9.5"
PRICE:  $50

Sizes and prices

Twin Baby Stats:

Length: 20"
Width:  10"
Height: 6"
PRICE:  $40

Short Baby Stats:

Length: 14.75"
Width:  14.75"
Height: 6"
PRICE:  $40

I was so thrilled to receive my Herb Garden box. 
Thank you so much for building it for me. 
The workmanship is superb- the design is excellent-and I can hardly wait to get to the Nursery store to put my plants in it.

Ida--Washington, Utah

Currently offering $6 shipping for Baby Boxes shipped throughout Utah.

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