All Boxes Made With California-Sourced Redwood

Classic Garden Boxes:​

  • Perfect height: 28 inches--bringing gardening closer to the gardener!

  • Durable Redwood (long-lasting, weather & pest resistant)

  • 29-gauge galvanized, corrugated steel

  • Deckmate all-weather screws

  • No chemicals, perfect for vegetable or flowering gardens

  • Helps maintain moisture around plants

  • Helps protect plants from wind, rodents, and pests

  • Significantly reduces weed invasions

  • Greater ease in planting and maintaining garden

  • Dimensions listed are outside measurements

  • Custom sizes available upon request.  

2022 Pricing.png

Thanks for your patience as we are still adding pictures and info to this new website.  Please note: after several designs over the last few years, we have decided on a specific corner design for all boxes in 2021.  Please see the photo below of the Classic 2x2 box to see an example.

Springville Boxes.png

Sizes & Prices

2022 Pricing.png

Due to the current economy affecting increased material costs and shortages,

we have officially closed our workshops.

If you are in the Cache Valley area and are still needing garden boxes, Rhett who ran the Springville workshop, can fit in a few boxes this summer. Delivery or pick up in the Logan area only. Call him if interested: Rhett, 435-218-3957. Thanks!

A special thanks to all our wonderful customers over the past few years!  We have enjoyed being part of your gardens!!  Happy Gardening 2022!