All Boxes Made With California-Sourced Redwood

Classic Garden Boxes:​

  • Perfect height: 28 inches--bringing gardening closer to the gardener!

  • Durable Redwood (long-lasting, weather & pest resistant)

  • 29-gauge galvanized, corrugated steel

  • Deckmate all-weather screws

  • No chemicals, perfect for vegetable or flowering gardens

  • Helps maintain moisture around plants

  • Helps protect plants from wind, rodents, and pests

  • Significantly reduces weed invasions

  • Greater ease in planting and maintaining garden

  • Dimensions listed are outside measurements

  • Custom sizes available upon request.  

2022 Pricing.png

Thanks for your patience as we are still adding pictures and info to this new website.  Please note: after several designs over the last few years, we have decided on a specific corner design for all boxes in 2021.  Please see the photo below of the Classic 2x2 box to see an example.