Delivery & Shipping 

Delivery & Shipping

Delivery in Utah:  Q&R does physical delivery to many areas of Utah and parts of Southern Idaho.  Delivery fee is based on mileage from your closest Utah Q&R workshop, but usually ranges from $40-$130.  Delivery includes placement of boxes wherever you need them in your yard. Shipping Costs are based on county and are provided at check out.  Due to rising gas prices delivery fees have had to go up this year, unfortunately, and we are no longer delivering  to certain areas of the state.  Pick up is always welcomed!  Call us if you do not see your county listed. 

NOTE:  Adjustments to delivery fees are possible when multiple orders are going to the same area.  We will work with you and adjust when we can.  There are also discounted fees for New Harmony ($20) & Hyde Park/Smithfield ($30) where our workshops are located. 

Outside Utah:  In 2021, we have the ability to ship some of our most popular boxes outside the state of Utah through national freight companies. The challenge in 2021 with rising gas prices is the cost.  If you are interested in getting a shipping price quote, give us a call (435-292-4999), and we are happy to get a quote for you.  We are also looking into doing some roadshows in some areas where there is a lot of interest.  Stay tuned for more details.


We are currently taking orders for 2022 for all previous customers. 

On December 15th, we will also allow new customers to get on the schedule for 2022.

For questions or to place an order, call 435-292-4999 or email: